Wood Furniture And Antique Pest Infestation

By Albert Sung

The number one foe of antique and home furniture is no doubt the carpenter ant. Why so? Well, this type of ant tunnel and make nests in soft woods making it the primary bane of antiques and wood furniture. A number of pest management methods are available to deal with these creepy crawlers, however the most effective among all of those seems to be fumigation.

What Is Fumigation?

Fumigation is among the most widely used methods of pest control and is the preferred method to eliminate most household creepy crawlers. The procedure entails pesticide, in the form of fumes, to be released into an infested area, killing off the majority if not all of the targeted creepy crawlers. There are numerous benefits of fumigation, especially when treating and protecting antiques and home furniture from carpenter ants.

Benefits Of Fumigation

Carpenter ants are fond of soft wood, which is wood softened by dampness. Liquid types of ant control do kill these ants but in turn soften the lumber hence making it inviting for more ants to come in. Fumigation does not add moisture to the wood. Antiques and old home furniture more often than not, has minute cracks and crevices that liquid pesticides can't reach, which is not a problem for fumigation.

The fumigation process produces a fine fume that can get into the tightest crevice with ease, making sure that the treatment action is thorough and long lasting. This is most especially helpful when it comes to penetrating the nest of the carpenter ant, that is mostly located in the innermost part of the lumber that they have infested. Fumigation also has a long-lasting effect, preventing the return of the ants. They do not have the disadvantage of liquid spray pesticides though. Although these too have lasting effects, they also do considerable liquid damage to your precious antique furniture.

Applications Of Fumigation

The use of fumigation isn't only limited to the treatment of pest infestations. The method has also been used for birds control and rat control, making it one of the most adaptable pest control methods available. Consequently, if your antiques and furniture are infested, consider fumigation as your primary solution.

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