How Are Life Insurance Premiums Computed

By David Livingston

A person who wants to purchase a life insurance term life insurance should be aware that doing such is not an easy task. There are a lot of requirements and things to consider when purchasing a policy. The health condition and the type of lifestyle that a person lives also affect the type of insurance policy and the rates that a person will be offered. Here are the different factors that may affect a person's insurance policy rate:

Health and Age. The insurance company earns every time the policy holder does not claim their benefits. The insurance companies for this reason choose the persons that they will give the policy to, so they choose someone who has a long life expectancy. If someone has a poor health condition then, there are chances that the person may die within the term of their policy. If the person dies within the term of his / her policy then the insurance company has per the conditions in the policy has to pay the beneficiaries the full coverage amount as state in the policy. The insurance companies gain if they do not payout the benefits either because the policy as expired or a death of the person was not covered under the provisions of the policy.

A person's age is one more important factor that can affect a person's insurance rate. A person who is young will definitely have a life expectancy that a person who is in his/her golden days. This means that a person who is young will get a lower insurance rates when compared to a person who is old. Any one who is young can get a lower life insurance quote on line.

Lifestyle and Habits. Other factors that may affect the amount of insurance premiums that a person will have to pay are his/her lifestyle and habits. A person who engages in extreme sports increases the chances of getting hurt or dying. For example, a person who is into skydiving must be careful all the time. If equipment malfunctions or an error was made by the skydiver, he/she will plummet to certain death. A person engaging in this type of sport activity may be covered by life insurance but will have to pay higher premium rates than a person who has a normal and safe lifestyle.

Occupation is one more factor that affects a person's insurance rates. If a person is working where they are physically exposed to any dangerous situation then the insurance premiums will surely be high. For examples police officers and members of the search and rescue teams are given life insurance but the premium rate is high.

A person's bad habits will also affect the rates of the premiums. Alcohol drinking, drug case and smoking are considered as bad habits and these habits will affect a person's health. A person with these bad habits have a risk of dying young. Smokers can not get a low cost life insurance for smokers. For someone who smokes and wants to buy a term life insurance or seguros de vida de termino will have to pay a higher premium.

Lowering Premiums Rates. Anyone who wants to lower the cost of his or her life insurance can follow the following steps. * Purchase a life insurance when you are still young so that you still have a chance to get lower quotes. * When the medical test has to be taken for the underwriting process, anyone who has a habit of drinking and smoking should stop drinking or smoking at least six months before the medical examination. This will help to lessen the chances of detecting problems with the lungs and the liver during the medical exam. * If necessary try changing your lifestyle try to adapt to a healthier living. Try and stop taking part in any dangerous sports.

There are many factors that are considered when applying or purchasing a life insurance policy. These factors contribute to the computation of the amount of premium that a policy holder will have to pay.

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  2. Certainly, if you're younger and have a sound health status, the better your chances of getting less expensive life insurance. If you're sick, disabled, poor, old, or injured on the otherhand, you pose a higher risk for the insurance companies so you end up having to pay more premiums.

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