Team Building Game

By Shona Wilson

Every day you see fresh and innovative ideas being advertised for team building games. For such a basic notion - team building is quickly becoming more able to reach new and greater depths. One such way it does this is to utilise the latest technology as a means of channelling team building potential. Think about it, in any given day you use at least one piece of technology - so why shouldn't we harness that for team building games.

A team building company based in South Wales have done just that - all with the use of smartphones. The objective of Eventus' Creative Challenge is for teams to work together to find objects, answer questions and use their creativity.

In groups of 4 to 5, teams must solve a series of intriguing missions in a designated 'game area'. Now this 'game area' can be anywhere you like - a picturesque country village, a bustling city centre or even the gardens and grounds of a hotel or conference centre!

Each mission is communicated through the smartphone and runs in 'real time', along with challenging time limits for completion. The technology is not only great fun, but also brings great advantages. For example there is a sense of real interaction with an essence of a "live" dimension. Participants get instant feedback on missions, letting everyone know which teams are doing well, drop hints and offer bonuses.

Am sure you wondering how, with such a small piece of equipment, can the whole team take part? Simple - the tasks, challenges and questions present in the team building game require everyone - taking pictures of each other, solving riddles, collecting bonus tasks - there is something for everyone and a need for everyone to get involved - no one is left out!

The challenge engages everyone and builds on the existing strengths that a team possesses - it is basically a great way of using the latest technologies for age-old requirements - getting people working together!

Eventus have a wide variety of team building games, activities and events in their catalogue that effectively engage teams and get them fit and focused for the goals ahead (as well as providing bundles of fun!).

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