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By Jack Wogan

There comes a time in life when writing your last will and testament will become a task absolutely necessary to carry out. When this happens, wills solicitors will be there to help you. Before you start to make your testament, you need to learn what a testament is. A testament, also known as a last will, is a legal document that explains what you want to happen to your money and possessions after you die. Such a document has the power to redirect your assets to the person whom you mention. Therefore, with the help of your last will you can coordinate the manner in which your investments and savings accounts you possess will be divided. Additional provisions such as advance directives and health care decisions can also be included here.

The properties you inherit via a testament are usually subjected to federal and state taxation. That is why it is important to inform yourself very well on the types of obligations you would have to respect when you enter the possession of a real estate property. So far, the only case when zero taxes have to be paid for properties left through testament is when you your entire estate goes straight to your spouse without going to anyone else.

A testament needs to be concluded in certain conditions, otherwise it will not be considered valid. To complete a last will you need to gather in your presence a testator, a will solicitor and some witnesses. Witnesses are required to make the testament legal. They will be able to testify that no pressure has been put on you in order to leave your inheritance to a certain person. An executor might also be required. The latter will ensure that all the specifications you have included in your testament will be carried out without difficulties.

If you believe that only dying people write testaments then you are wrong. Writing a testament while you are fully capable is really important. It will help you think clearly to whom you intend to leave your possessions. If you fail to make a last will and testament before you die, then the state that you live in at the time of your death, as well as any other state where you own real estate at the time of your death, will provide a last will and testament for you under the state's intestacy laws.

To perform the changes and amendments you want, contact one of the many wills solicitors. The latter will explain all the procedures and measures that need to be taken in order to ensure that the affairs included in your testament will be carried out in order.

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