Important Work Of A Hormone

By Jake Alexandre

The word hormone has been taken from a Greek word meaning to 'spur on'. A hormone is a chemical that carries messages through one cell to another within the human body. Hormones bind to the receptor protein that activates signal transduction mechanism. Endocrine hormone molecules are released directly into the blood stream, while exocrine hormones are secreted into a duct from where they flow either to the blood stream or from cell to cell.

The human body consists of a wide range of hormones, and each hormone performs its function actively. It is a hormone which tells the stomach that you are hungry and need some food. Once you are done with the food, the other hormones passes the signals which makes you accept that you had enough and now you need no more food. Likewise, some of the hormones inside your body make you feel sleepy when you are tired, and need some rest to recuperate. The other hormones make you wake up by passing signals to your mind, that now you have enough energy after sleeping.

All multi-cellular organisms produce hormones. Cells in the body respond to a hormone when they bind to a specific receptor for that hormone. Thus hormones bind to receptor protein, which results in activation of signal transductions mechanism, which ultimately leads to a specific behavior in the receptor cell.

An important role is played by a hormone in the process of reproduction, growth and digestion in a human body. Hormones promote the physical as well as sexual and mental development. It is a hormonal change due to which the human body comes to a period of puberty, and due to those specific hormones the growth of other parts is also dependant. The growth of body hair is also affected by hormones. Asides from these, the other bodily functions such as maintaining the sugar level, blood level and other body functions are also achieved due to the proper functioning of hormones.

Proteins and a healthy diet play an important role in maintaining the requisite level of hormones in our body. Hormones are very important for reproduction, as well as digestion of food. Hormones also develop sexual functions. Estrogens, progesterone and testosterone are the most important hormones found in both men and women. However, the levels of these hormones are different in both male and female body. These hormones are important for sexual functions and conception. Hormones play an important role in maintaining blood pressure and keeping glucose level normal. For a healthy body, it is important that hormones are neither present in higher or lower quantity, rather a balanced level of hormones should be present. In case of high or low level of hormones in the human body, certain imbalances and unpleasant effectsstart taking place. It might lead to under or over production and infertility. Lack of sexual drive is also an affect of low level of hormone level in the body.

Decline in hormone level involves certain risks. To avoid them, it is however advised that treatment is undertaken to avoid its affects. Nowadays different therapies are conducted to artificially maintain the level of hormones. Different hormones are used as medication to increase fertility or to deal with hormonal disorder. When levels of hormones start decreasing different symptoms start emerging with it. These include decreased energy, sluggish, irritability, depression, fatigue, loss of muscle, change in hair growth and skin quality and many other dysfunctions.

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