How to stop children being scared in the dark

By Diego Destilla

A very high percentage of children at some point suffer from fear of the dark. It is completely normal for children to suffer such fear but there are still ways for parents to help their children overcome such fear. The fear usually comes from being separated from their parents and also because they aren't able to see what is around them in certain parts of their room.

One of the most effective ways for parents to help their children get past their fear is to reduce the amount of light in their bedroom gradually. This is possible through the use of a dimmer switch or a night light and will let the child build up their confidence until the light can be switched off fully. This will help them to see that there isn't anything to be worried about in their room and they will eventually be happy without the light on.

Parents should praise their child as much as possible when they do well as it increases their self-esteem and confidence and makes them want to do better. Parents might also try leaving the light on until the child falls asleep. Once they are asleep the light can be switched off and they can then be told in the morning how they slept for the whole night without the light on.

It is also a good idea for parents to constantly reassure their children that there isn't anything to be afraid of. A good way to do this is for parents to allow their children to spend some time in their room with them but with the light off. This will show them that the dark is nothing to be afraid of and encourage them to do the same in their own room by themselves.

Some children are scared of the dark for different reasons and so it is important that parents understand why it is that their children are scared. By establishing this parents can use logical explanations to help their children see that the dark is nothing to be scared of and this might include simple things like checking under the bed or even moving a coat hanging on the door.

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